Fretwork Exteriors

The Home of Fretworks has the most fretwork components available in Australia. The manufacturing of our fretwork is from the finest tools and machinery available to us, from the finest wood carve chisels to the finest fretsaws available.
We cater for the home renovator to the small builder with a range of timbers such as our most popular selected Western Red Cedar, Oregon.
The Home of Fretworks has research into fretwork and examined a lot of Edwardian houses for the various designs to cater for the different periods such as Edwardian, Victorian, Federation and Californian bungalows, through to the new homes available to us today.
We place great importance on the quality of our product, in contrast to the mass-produced fretworks that can be found. Our prices, however, remain very competitive.
The Home of Fretworks is a useful addition to the number of shops and services for the home renovator. Our authentic designs can be tailored to the needs of the individual. It is best to visit our showroom, see the different fretwork designs and talk to us before deciding what combinations best suit you.
Thirty years ago the trend was to modernise the exteriors of Melbourne's older style homes by replacing original sash windows and removing all traces of decorative verandah and window awning trims.
A renewed appreciation of these period architectural features means many owners are restoring their homes with the original facets if they can find them, and with copies of the originals if they can't.
Our huge display of timber fretwork, corner brackets, inserts, friezes and turned posts, taken from authentic original designs and suitable for use on verandahs, gables and window awnings.
Basic designs can be adapted to suit any style of the house and repairs and replacements of missing parts to existing fretwork can be made.

Verandah Corner Brackets and Inserts

Authentic timber Corner Brackets and Inserts will add that finishing touch to any verandah.

Door and Window Awnings

These window and door awnings can be made up from any of our corner bracket designs and help provide the solution for protection against heat and weather.

Barge-Boards and Finials

Barge-boards and finials will highlight any period style building. Replacements can be matched to your sample.

Gable Fretworks

These gable fretworks will adorn the pitch of your roof. Choose from our replicas or sit down and design one with us.

Fascia Trim

By adding one of our fascia trim designs to your barge-board or fascia board, it will add that little bit of extra character and not overpower the appearance of your home.

Friezes and Fretwork

Choose from our range of friezes and fretwork to recreate any New or Old home which will add charm and warmth. The panels depicted are examples of the variations possible, we can design and make to order.


Available in pre-assembled made to order or in kit form.